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Imperial Terrain computers

An Imperial Terrain, 3d printed in PLA plastic, set of 5 computer consoles. Ideal for use in the grim dark future of 40k, the wide ranging sci-fi of Stargrave or the cleaner vision of infinity. It could alternatively be used as nice objectives or scatter for other sci-fi future games set in 28mm.

What you will actually receive 5 unpainted computer consoles. They are simple, requires no assembly and is beautiful!

If you require further info, please visit the Imperial Terrain website. You can also find the .stl files there for purchase if you have your own 3d printer.

Some clean-up may be required, the items can be painted in standard acrylic paints, based with sprays or airbrushed in a similar manner that you would do with any other miniature. As with all FDM printed items, you may find layer lines and imperfections in the print. These can be rectified by following any of the many blogs and YouTube tutorials available online.


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